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Hot Spotters Program

PCIC and the University of Houston have partnered for a unique interdisciplinary opportunity for select students. Following curriculum created by Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, PCIC and UH have created the Interdisciplinary Student Learning Collaborative known as the Student Hotspotters. This opportunity is developed to enable multiple scholar specialties to work together to identify and support the most vulnerable members of the healthcare system.

Working together, students from the school of law, nursing, pharmacy, optometry, honors college, and social work, join forces to solve problems associated with the individuals who are medically, behaviorally, and socially instable. Providing resources and unique learning perspectives, these Hotspotters empower and enable the Super User to navigate the difficult system to improve quality of life while lowering hospital visits and costs.

Hotspotters Program

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Our Vision

At PCIC we envision a coordinated health safety-net where all stakeholders share data to make better decisions.

Our Mission

To improve healthcare quality and costs for the vulnerable in our community through data integration and care coordination.

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